Meta Product Manager, APM and RPM Resume Kit

Will Lawrence
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97% of product manager resumes don’t land interviews.

This is especially true for competitive programs like:

  • Meta's Rotational Product Manager Program
  • Google's Associate Product Manager Program
  • Uber's Associate Product Manager Program
  • LinkedIn's Associate Product Manager Program
  • Lyft's Associate Product Manager Program

I got into Meta's RPM program without a referral, coaching or a $500 course. I also got interviews with several other programs. I now want to help more people without insane pedigrees get into the field of product management.

I wrote a 100% free guide with all of my advice for resumes, interviews and applying to competitive programs (start there before coming here).

But if you need more help this kit is for you.

Land interviews at top companies

Don't guess the winning format: Save yourself time and rejections by leaning on the exact template I used when applying. Don't choose the wrong style, format or structure.

Craft the perfect bullet points: Model your bullet points after mine and access a bank of 40+ well-crafted experience bullet points from real product manager resumes.

  • Example: Led a team (2 engineers, 1 designer) to redesign an onboarding flow with iterative testing, resulting in streamlined account creation that decreased client onboarding time by 33%.

Resume Review: If you need more support, I'll review your resume and provide as many actionable, non-obvious and blunt suggestions for feedback as I can.

Turning non-product experiences into PM experiences: This is the key to APM/RPM resumes. I didn’t have traditional PM experience, so I had to make my other experience highly relevant to product roles.

Principles to stand out: See my resume walkthrough and hear actionable tips on how I built my resume.

  • Example: You’ll notice I didn’t include my address/location in the resume header. Since I needed a visa to get a US-based role, I didn’t want my resume to start with a red flag. I shared this detail in my interviews.

What People Are Saying:

The Resume Kit has been absolute gold. I've received an invitation for an interview for the RPM program today.

- Data Analyst, India

This resume review package was a learning experience in itself. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who feels like they have no idea where to start improving their resume. Will outlines everything you need to make your resume shine from start to finish.

- Product Manager, Virginia

Will's annotated resume and bullet point bank was very helpful in setting an example of what a good PM resume should look like. I'm confident that my resume is now a lot more likely to pass a screener.

- Senior Product Manager, Toronto

The bullet point bank is worth the entire cost!

- Product Manager, Tennessee

The resume Kit is very clear and concise. Definitely helped me revamp my resume and make it stronger in no time! This was my first time write a PM resume by myself and I am already getting good feedback on it! Would 100% recommend!!

- College Senior, New York

The resume, strategies, and bullet point bank made a notable difference in the quality of my resume, and I would highly recommend it to those applying to APM/RPM programs. Will's feedback on my resume was quick, highly actionable, and accurately targeted areas for improvement.

- Strategy Lead, Los Angeles

Will’s PM Resume Package is an incredibly valuable resource for experienced product professionals and newcomers alike. He’s condensed an unbelievable amount of understanding, experience and wisdom into digestible parcels of information that helped me create a strong resume despite currently being in a completely different professional market.

- Creative Producer, London

The kit provided explicit examples of how to properly showcase what I did in my internships. It gave me great insight in how I needed to frame my experiences

- College Senior, Georgia

Will's resume kit made it easy to identify which of my experiences are most worth sharing. His content on structuring resume bullet points was particularly helpful as well. Totally worth the price. Thanks Will!

- Product Manager, Paris

The resume kit really helped me have a clear strategy for applying to the RPM programs and saved me countless hours in the process!

- Startup Founder, Los Angeles

There were so many vague bullet points in my resume that did not indicate the value I drove in my experiences. This resume kit, particularly in the 40 bullet point examples, really helped me craft a lot better PM story on my resume.

- Associate Product Manager, Florida

As someone who’s trying to make the switch into product, I’m not accustomed to framing my resume bullet points around metrics. So, it’s valuable to have a ton of examples to help me think through my own experience.

- User Researcher, Chicago

I would not have been able to write my Resume without this. It has been gold!!

- Director, Manchester

Will’s resume kit and detailed personal resume review helped me fine-tune my applications in time for peak APM/RPM hiring season!

- College Senior, Vancouver

I received tremendous value from this kit and was able to improve my resume by making it more product-oriented with the help of documents such as the bullet point bank. I'd recommend it if you have $149 saved up, because this saved me lots of time in worrying if my resume will be good enough and I now have a clear idea of what a winning resume looks like.

- College Senior, Los Angeles

Choose the Right Resource For You

"The Resume Package" (SOLD OUT)

  • One resume review from me. I'll share actionable, blunt and non-obvious suggestions to improve your resume.
  • My successful APM/RPM Resume (PDF, DOCX)
  • My Product Manager Resume Cheat-Sheet
  • My Resume Walkthrough with Tips
  • My Bullet Point Bank: 40+ examples of real product manager experience bullet points
  • 10 Strategies for Effective PM Resumes
  • A PDF copy of my 25-page APM Resume & Interview Playbook

"The Resume Kit" ($49)

  • My successful APM/RPM Resume (PDF, DOCX)
  • My Product Manager Resume Cheat-Sheet
  • My Resume Walkthrough with Tips
  • My Bullet Point Bank: 40+ examples of real product manager experience bullet points
  • 10 Strategies for Effective PM Resumes
  • A PDF copy of my 25-page APM Resume & Interview Playbook

"The Resume" ($29)

  • My successful APM/RPM Resume (PDF, DOCX)
  • My Resume Walkthrough with Tips

Who am I?

I'm Will. I'm a product manager building in web3 and the author of Product Life, a newsletter for top PMs. I previously led consumer payments and growth teams at Facebook & WhatsApp.

I've interviewed 100+ candidates for product management roles at Facebook/Meta and beyond.

I want this!

Resources to help you land interviews for product manager and associate product manager roles


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Meta Product Manager, APM and RPM Resume Kit

21 ratings
I want this!